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Deb I'll second what Paul said about Mag lights.    Bought mine at Wal-mart, LED, about 7 inches long, cigar thin profile,  about $25.00(US)  Lights up those cones @ cone 6, standing or bending, stark white standing out against the kiln atmosphere color.

Of course in a heavy smoky reduction you may have to open the damper to clear the carbon haze while peeping at the cones.



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There are Maglites and then there are Maglites. They come with LED  and with incandescent bulbs and depending on the size of the flashlite the lumen output varies greatly.  The one I have uses the LED type bulb and uses three batteries and has about a six hundred plus lumen output.  At cone 6 this will make the cones perfectly visible.  That said cone placement does matter and mine are about 4 inches from the inside of the kiln wall.  Imam also electric although not sure if that should make a difference.

That said it is an expensive flashlight but I have had mine for years and have never had a problem.


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> On Oct 16, 2016, at 7:00 PM, Deborah Thuman <debthuman at zianet.com> wrote:
> Maybe giving up is what I should have done in the first place.
> After much swearing, gnashing of teeth, and snarling, I finally figured out how to fire the kiln more or less even. But.... I can't see the #)%*)@%@ cones no matter what I do. Tried the mag light. Didn't work, but I have a good flashlight in my car. Tried the hairdryer. Didn't work. Tried coating a slab of clay with red iron oxide and put that behind the cones. Didn't work.
> So.. this time, I gave up. I have a probe in the bottom peep and the top peep so I can tell how fast I'm firing. Yesterday, I gave up. I aimed for the middle of the temp range for ^04. The bottom only got to ^06, the rest of the kiln got to ^04. So... I'll keep putting cones in the kiln so  I can see what I did, but I'm giving up on trying to see the cones while I'm firing.
> No, I don't know what the problem is. I never had a problem seeing the cones in the gas kiln at the university.
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