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David I think it is a 2-way street; very fine balance. I think the artist
must be approachable ( people pay an arm and a leg to see some), but also
 protected from students taking them over and get too close into their

Artists must on the other hand not act as-if the place belongs to them and
just trash it. I am always trying to keep my own work space clean and
organized and be respectful. Attendees and volunteers will notice that and
automatically jump in and help. People want to feel respected and

On the other hand I also saw lack of appreciation in the past; the attitude
Those were the times that I want to back off and just not do my best, but
you know what, those are the times that you should absolutely keep the pace
and do your best. Urn respect, not force it.
Antoinette Badenhorst

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 10:46 PM, David Hendley <david at farmpots.com> wrote:

> "Well-known ceramic artists" are incredibly busy when they visit
> a university and demonstrate. There are often many people waiting
> for a little one-on-one conversation or wanting ask specific
> questions. It is not a good use of their very limited time to be
> spending time cleaning up clay scrap.
> When I demonstrate for workshops I often ask for volunteers to
> do things like wedge a few balls of clay or clean the extruder after
> I use it, things I would never ask someone to do under normal
> circumstances. Really, it is usually not even necessary to ask,
> as people are anxious to help.
> If there is any "blame" to be assigned for the mess on the slab
> roller, I would direct it towards the studio manager or whoever
> sponsored the visit, not the visiting artist.
> David Hendley
> david at farmpots.com
> http://www.farmpots.com
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>> And it came to pass that the university invited two well-known ceramic
>> artists to speak to the ceramic class and do a demo. The demo was during
>> the day when I was at court, so I missed that. When I arrived at the
>> studio, I saw a good 10 pounds of clay slopped onto the large - and only -
>> slab roller. Which I was going to use.
>> I was sorely tempted to walk up to the artist and ask him how he would
>> like me leaving such a mess in his studio.
>> Deb Thuman
>> debthuman at zianet.com <mailto:debthuman at zianet.com>


Antoinette Badenhorst

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