[Clayart] I give up

Dale Neese dneese at satx.rr.com
Tue Oct 18 16:57:56 EDT 2016

Ah, the problem with viewing cones in a high temperature reduction kiln.
Several things I do now to help me see the cones. Make sure that they are
clearly visible through your peep holes. You can put a birthday candle or
small flashlight on the shelf beside the cones, close the door to see
through the peep hole if they are placed just right. (don't forget to remove
the flashlight!)

A pair of Didymium II lens safety glasses. I've had them for a long time.
Fortunately they are big enough to fit over my cheater glasses that I read
with. That was my first mistake by not having my reading glasses on first!
These glasses block out UV radiation but not IR radiation. Clip on green IR
can be clipped on over the Didymium glasses. These glasses are not cheap.
When it comes to your eye protection, well nothing is too expensive. 

I take a small brush and gently brush iron oxide on the viewing side
triangle edge of the cones 9-10. This little amount helps make the cones
visible when the kiln is put into oxidation atmosphere. Sometime the cones
are hard to distinguish with pottery behind the cones. Iron oxide helps. 

I have a small 1/8 diameter, 12 inch long tube that I blow into the peep
hole to make sure of what I am seeing with cone fall. I think this hollow
tube came with an old long gun cleaning kit. Just a brief puff directed at
the cone pack and the iron oxide shows up dark against the sides of the
white hot cones. 

Also a small ultra -bright LED flashlight shown into the peeps will
highlight the cones. 

"across the Alley from The Alamo"
Helotes, Texas USA

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