[Clayart] Clayart Digest, Vol 11, Issue 53

Jeff Lawrence jefflawr at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 09:11:47 EDT 2016

Dale wrote:

> A pair of Didymium II lens safety glasses ... Clip on green IR
> can be clipped on over the Didymium glasses. These glasses are not cheap.
> When it comes to your eye protection, well nothing is too expensive.
Hi Dale,
I use shade 5 green welding glasses, though I think shade 3 would  work.
They're not as expensive as your rig though - $12 from Amazon:


Only danger is they look almost too cool - they vanished with my son when
he went home after a visit.
But for the cost of a couple of a few cocktails, there's no excuse to put
eyes at risk.
I knew a welder who got macho about looking at the puddle without
protection. He could still get around with peripheral vision but the
central visual field got fried.

Jeff Lawrence
jefflawr at gmail.com
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