[Clayart] carpel/a philosphy of life.

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Wed Oct 19 10:16:49 EDT 2016

i had the surgery, my daughter had the same thing.
we have small carpel tunnels.

you have to go to a neurologist first and test your
then a hand surgeon will cut the tunnel open and you are fixed.
takes about twenty minutes.

however, many people suffer from hand stress, repeated 
action that causes pain.  it may not be carpel syndrome.
and, self diagnosis is silly.

like bill said.  get to a hand doc or neurologist and do the 
right thing.  vitamins to not cure this condition.
rest cures hand stress, a surgeon cures carpel tunnel syndrome.

my amazing urologist fixed my prostate cancer, i did not try 
to fix it with vitamin D.  my brother did, he died.  i am 
100 percent cured.  it is like nils trying to cure his heart 
condition with coQ10.  it did not work, he died too. 
stupid.   i heard a doc from the anderson clinic talking 
about cancer.  he said `there is no cancer that is caused by 
a food, and no food will cure cancer.` but, people still 
flock to mexico to buy ground up apricot pits, like chinese 
men paying millions for the horns of animals. i wish someone 
would teach them that the cure for their ailment is total 
love, respect and commitment.
amen brother.

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