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On Oct 19, 2016, at 12:20 PM, Randall Moody <randall.moody at gmail.com> wrote:

I see so much faux outrage over inconsequential things 

I agree.  And I think that is mostly due to what I call the Outrage Industry.  It is there on both the political left and the political right.  Hundreds of people, whole companies,  who make their living by being outraged, many hours a day sometimes, many days a week.  I say if you’re getting your “news” from a source that makes you mad every day, then their job is not to give you news, it’s to outrage you.  Just as The Daily Show is not there it give you news, it’s there to make you laugh.  It’s a schtick.  It’s a persona.  But unfortunately, some people take it as gospel.
I feel sorry for the people who have to do that.  Can you imagine spending all of your time either ranting or looking for something to rant about?  Taking every item of news you find about anything and finding a way to be mad about it?  How corrosive must that be to your soul?  It would certainly make me very miserable.
Thank you, Mel, for not allowing that here.  There’s way too much of it everywhere else.

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