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Dorothy Parshall dorothyp at whidbey.com
Thu Oct 20 09:17:19 EDT 2016

Moderate without "censoring" would require each poster to be moderate.  Apparently this does not always happen. I have been mulling over the reason for the breakout of "outrage". I have been annoyed, sometimes to the point of "outraged" by the rude behaviour of some face-to-face encounters over the last couple years. Today, finally fed up enough to resign from an org of which I have been a part since 1981, I am ready to say that the rudeness of the "younger" volunteers has driven me to this. So, I was the butt of a "joking" remark, in a meeting on Monday; I was not permitted to finish what I had to say; I was interrupted by being told I was a "grump" which, of course, made everyone laugh.   I tried again ay the end of the meeting,  expressed annoyance at being made a joke, so to speak. I was not heard/listened to. I have gone beyond outrage.  Others in their 70s have related their stories of rude behaviour within this same group of 50-60 year olds. 

The short of it: is it a new generation that has not learned common courtesy that is creating outrage?  I avoid being annoyed by comments on clayart. on FB, elsewhere, by considering the source. Time to avoid it face-to-face.  Or just let it go. On clayart, I consider the source and either enjoy or "Oh, well. that's ...". It is a shame that Mel needs to spend his time "moderating". It takes away from other things he could be doing. 

Dorothy, Ontario  

On Oct 20, 2016, at 3:51 AM, Kenneth D. Westfall wrote:

> Gee Mel we seem to have a different dictionary definition of "Censor".  This maybe a moderated list which is by definition is Censored.  To not Censor would be, to not delete or stop anyone from posting on the forum.  Which we all know is not the case and in some cases it has been said a little too heavy handed.  You are to sole determinant as to what is appropriate and since the turn of advents has put you as owner there is not much we as free consumers can do to change your heavy handed delete. A moderated list should be just that moderate not Censored. Art has a long history with politics and religion yet all to frequently this list has be void of either. As im sure this will also get your delete finger I doubt anyone but you will get to read this post, so be it.  It must be said even if to no one but to yourself.
> At 01:00 PM 10/19/2016, you wrote:
>> when you join clayart you should know that i have a moderated list.  that is what i do. moderate. i delete posts every week. they are most often posters that add a political bend to every post they send.  or, some are actually obscene. jim brown just called me a hypocrite as i have deleted a couple of his posts. sorry jim, this is a moderated list. i do not censor you, or remove `you`. if you do not like it...we `can` remove you from the list. mel </x-flowed>
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