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Before I say what I have in mind, I want to put my comments in perspective. I get scalp acupuncture treatments regularly, I see a chiropractor about 4 times a year, I see a massage therapist weekly, I search the internet for medical articles before seeing my doctor and I take vitamins and supplements. 

That’s to let you know that I’m not opposed to treatment that doesn’t fall into the category of western medicine. 

I’m surprised and a bit concerned about people who seek medical advice from an on-line group. We’re people who play in the mud and most of us didn’t go to medical school. I’m well aware that medical care, at least in the US, is expensive. Maybe even outrageously expensive. Ignoring medical problems frequently makes them worse. The nastier the problem, the more it’s going to cost to solve it. 

If you have persistent pain, see a doctor. Maybe you will be told that your problem can be treated successfully with an over the counter anti-inflammatory drug. Maybe you will be told you need a prescription drug. Maybe you’ll be directed to get physical therapy. Maybe you’ll be told you need surgery. Whatever you are told, you will be hearing it from someone who is qualified to make a diagnosis and recommend a treatment. 

Would you let your mechanic perform open heart surgery on you? Would you let your dentist rewire your home? Doing for yourself is great. But when you can’t do for yourself, getting someone who knows what s/he is doing is critical. When you need advice, ask someone who knows the answer. I’m glad this list is here to answer my questions about firing, glazing, building, mud, tools, and any other aspect of playing in the mud. When I need medical advice, I see my doctor. She’s a great doctor and I dread the day she retires, but I wouldn’t ask her questions about firing my kiln. 

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