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Randall Moody randall.moody at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 14:28:39 EDT 2016

Kenny, I can tell how well Mel moderates by what is on the list. If you
wish to frequent an "clay/art/politics/religion" board, I am sure that
there is one or more on the net for you to avail yourself of. Already being
on the list has nothing to do with it. That is akin to visiting Outback
Steakhouse and complaining about the lack of vegan options. "Why won't you
serve me a tofu and bean curd salad? I am already here!"

Your last sentence implies that there is needed improvement on the way Mel
moderates. While you may hold that opinion, from what I read, it is
apparently not held by many or most on the list. One may want to ask
oneself, "What did I write that would get my email put in the "no send"
bin?" (And this is coming from me, a person who really loves stirring the
pot at times.) Personally, I think Mel does a bang up job with this list
and would hate to see it devolve into what passes for political debate
these days.

On Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 1:02 AM, Kenneth D. Westfall <
kenneth at pinehillpottery.com> wrote:

> Randy how would you know what Mel has censored unless it is your post
> being deleted.  Do the censored message get be  put in a special box for
> all to read. NO.  I only bring up politics and religion because they have
> always been a selective issue which doesn't always get equal treatment
> IMHO.  Sure there are plenty of other places to go talk politics or
> religion but some how not many that combined both and clay and art into one
> and I'm already on this forum and have been sense before Mel was
> Moderator.  If we can't ask for readdress of how Mel moderates with out
> being shown the door how will it ever improve.
> Kenneth D. Westfall
> Pine Hill Pottery
> 7257 Smithville Rd.
> Harrisville, WV  26362 - 7010
> kenneth at pinehillpottery.com
> http://www.pinehillpottery.com
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Randall in Atlanta
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