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Fri Oct 21 14:47:07 EDT 2016

I recall reading a while back of the "Zen aspect" of pottery, concerning functional ware.  It is useful for what is *not* there.  Cups, mugs, bowls are useful only because they are hollow.  Therefore, what is not, is functional.  Very Zen...

As for the naming conventions, there are many on this forum who are much better qualified to address that question than I am, but it seems to to be a matter of volume and intended use.  Tea bowls come in many sizes and shapes.  There are some that are designed specifically for use in the colder months (taller and more slender to hold heat), and others designed for the warmer months (more squat and wide to dissipate heat more quickly) of the year.  English-style tea *cups* hold less liquid, are smaller and more delicate to convey refinement.  A coffee/cocoa mug holds more liquid and is more robust, all the better for warming the hands as well as the body.  Beer mugs hold even more of the delightful liquid, and have somewhat thicker construction to keep the liquid cold for a longer period.  (If it lasts that long...)

"Rim" or "lip?"  What is the essential difference?  I think it's more a matter of cultural language than any other specific definition.  Just my dos centavos...

Stay muddy, friends,

Tig Dupre

in Port Orchard, WA

Connie Christensen is with us in my studio this week to video tape her
online class about teapots, sugar bowl etc.

Our discussions lead to definitions about tea cups, tea bowls, chawan,
yunomi cups etc. I am curios about all these hollow objects. When is
something a cup and when is it a mug.

One of the funnies that I found online was that Wikipedia mentions the rim
of a plate a lip.
Let's see if we can get some of these nailed down..........maybe in
contexts with the culture from which it comes.

Antoinette Badenhorst

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