[Clayart] what is clayart/please read

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Fri Oct 21 15:19:13 EDT 2016

clayart is the sole property of mel jacobson.
it is an LLC and is run in cooperation with Paragon kiln 
company.  (all costs and money is given freely from members 
of clayart.  there is never a cost or fee to belong.)
i take a small stipend each year to pay for my high speed 
internet and computer services. i figure my wage is about
.48 cents and hour over 19 years.

arnold howard is my partner, along with bill schran
as emergency moderator.

when the american ceramics society decided to jettison
their one free online forum to replace it with their own 
forum , i took the mailing list and with arnolds help, 
placed the list with an australian internet company that 
runs this forum through their servers.  we pay for that service.
we have also donated about 8 kilns to needy potters.

i along with arnold and bill have complete control of the 
content of clayart.  it is a moderated list so as to keep 
unwanted adverts (and there are many each day) offensive 
posts, or political or religious loaded posts from coming to 
the members computers. we also pay for a very good spam and 
virus detection system to protect members.  it is all paid 
in full.  there is no debt.

it is my opinion and mine alone that controls what is sent 
out on this list. i own the list. it has been my passion to 
present quality information to the members of clayart.
we have thousands of very happy clayart members.

we have received many accolades as being one of the finest, 
well moderated lists in the world.  it is not an easy task 
to do this several times a day, 365 days a year, over 19 
years of service.

the list remains viable as people seem to trust me, and my 
judgment. that is a fact.

many clayarters are personal friends.  many of you have been 
to my home or farm.  i have been to something like twenty 
ncecas in a row...providing a quality meeting place for 
members attending nceca. free of charge.  see if you can 
find any other organization that would even think of 
providing that service

many of you have attended workshops that i give around the 

i am a japanese trained, 81 year old master potter. i have 
traveled the world extensively, included about 85 countries.
my exhibition record is vast and important.

i have written about 30 or more articles for ceramics 
monthly, pmi, claytimes and other magazines. i have written 
two published books and have several free pdf books.

i never apologize for clayart.  it is a well directed online 
forum, with incredible men and women mentors providing true 
answers to members seeking advice and help.
i also spend a great deal of time on the phone with members 
with personal kiln issues etc. we never turn down anyone.

clayart has survived some hard times, and really icky times. 
we come back stronger each time.

so, that is the story.
mel jacobson./moderator, owner of clayartworld.
and, it is world wide.

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