[Clayart] elements pins touching

Fredrick Paget fredrick at well.com
Sat Oct 22 13:44:02 EDT 2016

  Like a lot of trouble shooting problems: It depends.

Like whether the kiln is properly grounded or if it is not? Where the element is snagged by the pin - near the ends or the middle? Ls the service properly grounded and where?
Is the pin in steady good contact with the shell or not? Is the kiln jarred or vibrated - etc.
If every thing is up to code and the shell is grounded the chances are that the breaker would trip out.

If the pin was right at he middle of the element it might not trip.

If the shell is not grounded the operator might or might not get a shock. Depends.

 If the contact of the pin and shell was rather poor there might be some sparking and a loss of contact.So on and so on! You get the idea.

A good trouble shooter has to know about a lot of possibilities and have a sort of blood hound attitude - sniff around a lot and don’t jump to a conclusion with out real good reason.

Fred Paget
Twin Dragon Studio

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