[Clayart] bad pots

KATHI LESUEUR kathi at lesueurclaywork.com
Mon Oct 24 14:09:30 EDT 2016

On Oct 24, 2016, at 1:03 PM, mel jacobson wrote:

> `would you like to put your full name on the bottom of this and make sure people two hundred years from now will get to look at it`.  `but, it is my first pot!`...`so, want your first grade math papers saved for posterity?`

I had a system similar to Mels except that I would suggest we set the pot aside for a while and then revisit it. Since I was teaching at Boysville and often had kids for a year (many who, BTW, came in with very low self esteem), their progress could be profound. I never had one want to keep that first pot.

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