[Clayart] BAD POTS

M Gordon clayart at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 26 13:47:00 EDT 2016

David wrote...

To this end I demonstrated a well thrown simple form and then wire cut 
the piece into halves so they could see the wall's interior profile. 
Gasps! followed by attention!

The wire cutting also served to drive home that a piece (even a "good" 
one) is not precious, but simply serves the purpose intended.

  I was taught this by my teacher at the COLLEGE of ARTS & CRAFTS, in 
Oakland,Cal., 1960, now called ( COLLEGE OF THE ARTS ) his name was 
"Corky"  (Vernon Coykendahl ) his aim was not to show that a simple 
cylinder was  "precious", but rather to show what the cylinder walls 
should look like, straight and even thickness, and that the floor was 
flat. I did the same thing when I was teaching beginners how to throw a 
cylinder, in my high school teaching days. Mike Gordon

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