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Hi Randall - 
Colleges and universities cannot and do not assert ownership over faculty artwork, just like they cannot and do not assert ownership over original musical compositions or scholarly books.  They get nothing out of it but the prestige for the institution and the department, and that is as all the payment they need.  I know it is very different in the sciences or engineering, where patents are involved.  You shouldn't confuse that with creative works in the arts and scholarship.  
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Most institutes of higher learning have policies in place dealing with "intellectual property" dealing with patentable and copyrightable works even if they don't implement them for the art department(s). Most have the position that if a student invention (or art work) was created under a professor's supervision or with the use of school resources or grant money, then the school can assert the same ownership right as it does for faculty inventions (or art work). But unlike work by faculty the intellectual property claims by students is a bit murky and differ from institute to institute.

That being said, anyone in a teaching institution breaking another's work as a "critique" with no further explanation is a bit of an arse IMO.

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> No one could ever do this now if they wanted to keep their job, but my 
> professor in graduate school would throw student's bad pots into the 
> reclaim barrel, with the entire class watching and not a word being 
> said. It was brutal, but the message was clear.
> If a pot was not awful, but really not good, it was not unusual for a 
> student to return the next day to find cigarette butts in the pot. 
> Yes, the professor smoked in the ceramics lab.
> And yes, he did conduct real critiques, but if a pot was bad enough it 
> never made it to the critique!
> David Hendley
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>> I can remember Grandpa saying when he and his brothers were learning 
>> to turn as boys, his father would come through at the end of the day 
>> with a big stick and knock down all the pots that did not come up to 
>> his standards.
>> *                       JIM BROWN*
>> *                 BROWN POTTERS*

Randall in Atlanta
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