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"OK, just to be contentious, this is AWFUL posture and ergonomics.

The wheelhead should in my opinion be belly button height or even higher
and the elbows should be locked into the side. This is a much more upright
posture and will prevent back problems later in life (see John Glick's
article on throwing semi-standing). Of course if the US made wheels like
they do in Europe there would be a large splashpan to rest your forearm on
and that would be your pivot." - Robert

The link below will show Grandpa at 3 different wheels - all are his "big
ware wheel".  Notice that the wheel head is about crotch high - this so
that  one can still reach down into a high piece.  The "normal" wheel would
hit about belt height. He - and others - never had a back problem, maybe
what one gets used to.  Notice that 2 of these are kick wheels and notice
in the middle pic the brace he leaned against while turning.  Makes it much
more comfortable than standing straight up.

Notice on the 2nd pic down he is standing on shop boards to finish the top
of the large vase.


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