[Clayart] mel's throwing method

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Fri Oct 28 10:18:23 EDT 2016

first and foremost, we had brent and older skutt sit down 
wheels.  25 of them, with 5 in reserve.

the big issue with the brent style wheel is stool and leg 

i have met with the brent folks and have shown them the lego 
block style wheel height lifts i have invented.
no one seems to get it..so, it is what it is.

no wheel is made for `one size fits all`.  a 260 pound boy 
of 6`4" and a 5 foot, 86 pound girl have issues with all wheels.

if you are a thrower, with a brent...maybe you will have to 
put a hard brick under your left foot.
you may need to get a taller stool. or, a shorter one.

i had many options for our kids.  but the hard brick under 
the left foot was really good for smaller students.

every potter on this earth has to make a throwing area fit, 
and fit just them. wheel height can be changed, stool height 
can be changed,

the left leg is one of the strongest and most powerful 
muscle groups of the human body.  we use it to center.
it is natural.   kids learned to center in minutes.
i have taught thousands of people to throw this way.
colleen learned it in two minutes.
she would show college kids, but they went back to the old 
method.  she just laughed.

leg and body support is just like shooting a long gun.  you 
lock your body/bone structure into the shot.  once you find 
it, it is totally comfortable.

remember, you are a slave to the manufacturer's design. it 
is up to you to find a perfect body position and size.

making a throwing area that is perfect for you is critical 
to long term throwing.  if what you do hurts, change things.
if your back hurts, change things.  if your thumbs are 
killing you...open the clay differently.
all of this is up to the potter.

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