[Clayart] standing throwing

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Fri Oct 28 11:21:02 EDT 2016

for many standing with an elevated wheel is wonderful.
for older or less stable people, it becomes almost a must.

i threw standing for five years on my first power wheel. 
way back.
i think navel height for the wheel head is accurate.
some build an arm rest, some just lock the elbows in tight.

but, without doubt, how your stance, feet placement and 
support is structured is critical.
again, it depends on your size, shape etc.

but, what ever you do, keep your body supported as much as 

if i went back to standing, i am sure i would build a 2x4 
wooden structure that would support my arms etc.
i would have to design it as i went...sort of make it 
adjustable at first.

it is funny, but i have suggested to people that they just 
cut off three inches or so from their new brent's legs...i 
would do it....but, most think that would be like painting a 
new bmw with house paint and a brush.

i would make anything, cut off legs, do what i had to do to 
make throwing just for me.  make it fit my body.

remember my story of the japanese wheels, the first day.
men sat in the lotus position, on a pillow with the wheel 
head at table height.  i could not do that.  my body was 
american, not japanese.
i cut holes, made a new footrest.  the boys just 
marveled..melsan sorta crazy.  and the wheel was backwards. 
  (reversed the loop of the belt.)
i fixed that fast.

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