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Thanks Mel:
I now use a Shimpo table top which is small.
I set it on a table I built and added plumbing
Pipe to support my arms. Works well but I think
I will soon be ready for a full size wheel. I thought I could use the splash pan to support
My arms. That's what I did in class.
I planned to buy a wheel with leg extensions
To bring it to belly height. I'm six feet tall.
If so, I don't see a practical way of adding a 
Support as you described. Unless, I don't get
The leg extensions, and place the wheel on a table.
I appreciate the input.

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> On Oct 28, 2016, at 8:21 AM, mel jacobson <melpots2 at visi.com> wrote:
> for many standing with an elevated wheel is wonderful.
> for older or less stable people, it becomes almost a must.
> i threw standing for five years on my first power wheel. way back.
> i think navel height for the wheel head is accurate.
> some build an arm rest, some just lock the elbows in tight.
> but, without doubt, how your stance, feet placement and support is structured is critical.
> again, it depends on your size, shape etc.
> but, what ever you do, keep your body supported as much as possible.
> if i went back to standing, i am sure i would build a 2x4 wooden structure that would support my arms etc.
> i would have to design it as i went...sort of make it adjustable at first.
> it is funny, but i have suggested to people that they just cut off three inches or so from their new brent's legs...i would do it....but, most think that would be like painting a new bmw with house paint and a brush.
> i would make anything, cut off legs, do what i had to do to make throwing just for me.  make it fit my body.
> remember my story of the japanese wheels, the first day.
> men sat in the lotus position, on a pillow with the wheel head at table height.  i could not do that.  my body was american, not japanese.
> i cut holes, made a new footrest.  the boys just marveled..melsan sorta crazy.  and the wheel was backwards.  (reversed the loop of the belt.)
> i fixed that fast.
> mel
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