[Clayart] the human body.

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Sun Oct 30 13:14:15 EDT 2016

boy, try and find two alike.

i have said this for years.
`you have the body your folks willed to you.`
it is part of your great, great grandfathers and mothers.

and, try and figure out what they did all day in 1823?
i bet my grandmothers did not go to a health club or get a
massage on tuesdays
i bet their day was brutal...from early morning until the
sun went down, work.

for mine, it was a farm in southern minnesota and the flu of
1918 killed almost everyone. my grandmother burned to death
trying to get the oil furnace started.  granpa died of the
flu a week before.  at 14 my dad was alone in the world,
even the house had burned to the ground.   and kids think
today they are not safe...sort of ironic.  when the big
world hits them in the face they will have a big shock.

look at your hands...those are the hands of your
grandparents.  they worked all day, every day.
those are knowing hands.

those of you that have skill, know it came from them.

if your dna is harvard, you may have to struggle to get
even.  not many carpenters or weavers in that dna.

but, we do have an even playing field, it is called
practice.  it is called work ethic.  it is called

all of that is up to you.
how do you play the game, how to you learn, how do you
motivate you.?????

my dna is all nordic and irish.  scots irish.  hard working
simple people.  i had one uncle that went to college and
became a pharmicist. i was the second college grad of all
those strings of folks.

so, if you want to fit your wheel, you will have to figure
it out.  no instruction manual.  one size does not fit anyone.
if i am going to make a kid into a world class diver, i have
to make him not fearful of water first.  then not fear the
diving board.  one step at a time. a half hour at a

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