[Clayart] Why is your mug so expensive?

Snail Scott claywork at flying-snail.com
Fri Feb 3 11:05:17 EST 2017

> On Feb 1, 2017, at 1:40 PM, Donn Buchfinck <donn.buchfinck at gmail.com> wrote:
> The problem is or better yet "Is the mug you made worth the money you are
> charging for it”

Donn presented a great perspective on this. 

You can only charge what people think it’s worth to them.
Marketing or education (sometimes the line is fuzzy) will have 
some influence, but in the end, people make up their own minds. 
If the things that make your work different and special aren’t things 
that that person cares about, they won’t pay more to get it. 


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