[Clayart] throwing as a written instruction

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Fri Feb 10 07:31:35 EST 2017

i think the hardest way to teach any skill is
with the written word.
for many, it very hard to understand.
not that it does not have meaning..but.

for my entire life i have given hands on instruction.
sit with a kid and say...`here, let me show you.`

utube is one of the greatest sources of learning
i have ever witnessed.

i hate to say it...but arnold has several hours of film
that i have made...and neither of us have time to edit it
or get it online.  making is easy...getting into the hands 
and eyes of people is the other part.  and, for some reason
editing film seems very difficult for me.

colleen is learning film editing in her new course of study.
we think she will be able to make some great `movies`.

but, utube is full of great throwing videos.  they should be 
used and re/used.  i know arnold has some good stuff on
paragon website...and john post is doing wonderful work.
that is the best source there is.

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