[Clayart] bow and violin

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Mon Feb 13 08:16:26 EST 2017

being left handed i had the bow and violin backwards.
sort of visual dis..lex...i a.
i do it all the time.
not even sorry, you get the metaphor anyway.
anyway, i played a uk e la le. had to string it upside down.

as they say...`goofey lefty`.
and right ies  are always right.
but, as i said many times.
i got even...kids would pick on me, i was bigger than most 
in size, thick glasses. four eyes!
`make a head fake right, and smack em flush on the nose
with a left cross hay maker.  makes for lots of blood and
they never mess with me again.  righties never see it 
coming.  i smiled a great deal.  and playing football and 
being a center...they never saw that left fore-arm coming at 
them. being backwards has its charms.

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