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Mostly muddy colors.

True.  I was amazed when I made the switch from cone 10 reduction to cone 5 oxidation that the srap looked exactly the same- army green and shiny.

BUT… Don’t throw it away, don’t put it on your garden, use it.  You’ve got a perfectly good glaze there.  You can’t make it a lighter color, but you can make it a darker color.  
I add 0.5% each cobalt carbonate and chrome oxide, plus 1.5% each iron oxide and manganese dioxide to mine and get a glossy black.  
If you’re using any chrome at all, if you add some tin oxide to your scrap you could get pink.
Mix it half and half with a very opaque white glaze to get something like celadon in oxidation.
Mix it half and half with any clear glaze.  Then add some copper carbonate for a deep green.  Or add some cobalt carbonate for a more interesting blue than you can get with the cobalt alone.

In the future, if you keep two scrap buckets, one for iron glazes and one for non-iron glazes, the non-iron one often is a lovely blue-green.  The Fe one is an evan darker army green than normal, so you make black out of that- you just don’t add as much Fe to it.

Use it.

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