[Clayart] RIO - Has it changed

KATHI LESUEUR kathi at lesueurclaywork.com
Sat Feb 18 16:58:53 EST 2017

I'm not sure that this addresses your problem, and I'm not trying to recommend on supplier over another. But, I've always found that chemicals from US Pigments are much more consistent that with other suppliers. I've, especially, found great variation in rutile when I bought from someone else. Learned my lesson.


On Feb 18, 2017, at 2:53 AM, Anne Melvin wrote:

> Our faithful recipe for Nutmeg is now just a lifeless dark brown.  The only ingredient that is new is a newly bought RIO.  We did line tests using the Robin Hopper method and found all the intensities to be the same ugly brown.  Has anyone else found new purchases of RIO to be different...much stronger?  We found that if we mix the ugly Nutmeg 50-50 with a white glaze, we are much closer to the original.
> All the best,
> Anne Melvin

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