[Clayart] wood kilns

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Wed Jan 4 17:45:24 EST 2017

this is a general statement, idea.

wood firing is always a lot of work.
it takes planning and knowledge and fuel
is always an issue.
you need a great deal of it, and it has to be dry.
if you are buying it, it is very expensive per load.
also, hand splitting is a big chore unless you have a
good mechanical splitter.  it is still a lot of work.

so, saying that.
all of the above is true no matter the size of the kiln.

so, a great deal of work and planning and only firing a few 
pots seems futile to me.

a 14 cu foot flat top will give you gobs of great pots
over many years.  just my take.
but, there are hundreds of potters that are really glad they
have a gas kiln. and, some of them have great wood fired 
kilns too.  big ones.

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