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I agree with Rick Mahaffey but I'll take it a step farther and say that a glazed foot gives me the creeps.  I admit to being very opinionated about this.  It feels all wrong when you set down a vessel with a glazed foot, like the vessel is extra fragile.  The clay surface is beautiful, on the foot of a vessel, or on the seat of a lid. Why conceal the material itself?  We use glaze where we need to, and the lid seat and the vessel foot do not need to be glazed.  If you want them smoother, get some diamond sanding pads or get a bench grinder with an abrasive flap wheel.  Leave the foot and the lid seats unglazed and celebrate the clay.  
- Vince

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Just a thought, if you want to glaze the foot then maybe you could learn to make glass.  ;)

I like the clay being seen and able to be felt.  When I lived in Japan sometimes potters and collectors would get together to enjoy conversation and company.
During these gatherings pots would be brought out placed upside down and people would try to guess where the clay came from.  It was part of enjoying the Tsuchi Aji or clay flavor.

The suggestions for smoothing the bottoms of the pots posted earlier are all good suggestions.   Also I tend to burnish the foot with a stainless steel rib on my production ware.  I don't do that on tea bowls as the character of the clay is part of Chanoyu and something that can add to the experience and something one should be aware of.

YFMV  (your foot may vary)

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