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Eva Gallagher galla at magma.ca
Wed Jan 4 19:38:24 EST 2017

Hi - I built a bourry box train kiln - is yours a train kiln? I used plans 
for the Rivers Longthroat Kiln from Steve Harrison's book Laid back Wood 
Firing - I ended up making the train part lower by two bricks so it is only 
17 inches high by 17 inches wide inside. I also shortended it from about 10 
feet to 7 and half feet or so. I think I would have been better to do an 
even shorter chamber as it would eliminate a lot of side stoking which I 
find very tiring for me as I fire alone.
If I do not side stoke then the second half of the kiln - about 3 feet will 
be underfired.
In his book he gives average proportions (all inside measurement)expressed 
by volume for wood fired kilns.
The firing chamber (including throat arch, any bag wall if present) is 100%
The Firebox (above the hobbs) - 13%,
the ember pit (below the hobbs).-9%
I don't really think that my kiln follows these proportions. If I was doing 
it again I would make the chamber wider and less long as I find that my long 
narrow chamber cools way too quickly and that can affect the quality of the 
glazes. .
Eva Gallagher
Deep River, Ontario

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> Dear Clayart list:
> I am helping my daughter with the design and construction  of her first
> kiln.  I have built several wood kilns, but never a Bourry box.  The kiln
> chamber is pretty small and the size of the fireboxes that I see in plans
> and photos all seem like they are really oversized for the size of her 
> kiln.
> Is there a functional ideal for the size of a Bourry firebox?  Is it
> proportional to the size of the chamber? Or does it just not work if it is
> too small?
> Thank you,
> Lee Taylor
> Lexington, Virginia
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