[Clayart] is your website stamped on your work?

David Hendley david at farmpots.com
Wed Jan 4 21:06:50 EST 2017

Owen, I am in no way disparaging your decision to stamp your website
on your pottery, but it's not for me.
For some reason, it reminds me of being in a public restroom and the
paper towel dispenser says "For reorders go to www.supertowel.com".
On handmade pottery, it is just too eager and commercial sounding,
like the pots are coming off a conveyor belt and going right into
shipping boxes.

I am a firm believer in adequately marking and identifying pottery. For
me, this means I legibly sign the bottom of a pot with a sharpened stick
and stamp the name and location of my shop into the clay.
When you are making a few dozen pieces, it takes a measurable amount
of time to sign all those pots, but I believe it emphasizes that the piece
was handmade and it truly adds value.
Anyone who wants to find me need only type my name or the name of
the shop into Google, Yahoo, or Bing, and my website will display at the
top of the results.

David Hendley
david at farmpots.com

----- Original Message ----- 
>I get messages like this from time to time from customers. I get lots of 
>repeat business due to having my website stamped on the bottom of my pots. 
>Might be a good new year’s resolution for your pottery business if you are 
>not doing this :)
> "We purchased a wonderful mug that my husband loved and drank his tea from 
> each evening, and sadly it broke this evening. It was not the mug it was 
> an Oh No moment. It was various shades of brown toward the top which was 
> cream colored. It was barrel shaped. It kept his tea hot for a very long 
> time. Awesome mug. I really would like to find something close to it and 
> get two of them. It was a 12 oz. mug. I am in Las Vegas and contacted you 
> about the mug at the time. I think we bought it about 5 years ago. I was 
> so glad that your website was imprinted on the bottom. Thank you.”
> Owen in snowy, blustery, very cold and oh so beautiful Central Oregon
> Owen Dearing, potter
> Bend, Oregon 

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