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David Hendley david at farmpots.com
Wed Jan 4 21:21:15 EST 2017

Mel, you knew I would have to respond, didn't you?
Yes, a woodfired kiln is work, but like everything else, it is possible
to "work smart".
In more than 25 years of firing exclusively with wood, I have  never
spent a dime buying wood, and only on a few unusual occasions
have I split any firewood. No chain saw is involved either.
Often, the free wood I get is already dry and ready to burn.
I have saved thousands of dollars in gas bills.

My kiln fires about 200 pots per load, perfect for me, as a solitary
pottery who values quality over quantity. A 14 cubic foot kiln would
be way to small to suit my needs, and a big wood kiln that requires
several people to fire would be out of the question.

I still would not recommend what I do to most would-be potters. It
takes unwavering dedication, the right location, and good planning.
But for me, I would be bored to tears if I was restricted to a gas or
electric kiln.

David Hendley
david at farmpots.com

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> this is a general statement, idea.
> wood firing is always a lot of work.
> it takes planning and knowledge and fuel
> is always an issue.
> you need a great deal of it, and it has to be dry.
> if you are buying it, it is very expensive per load.
> also, hand splitting is a big chore unless you have a
> good mechanical splitter.  it is still a lot of work.
> so, saying that.
> all of the above is true no matter the size of the kiln.
> so, a great deal of work and planning and only firing a few 
> pots seems futile to me.
> a 14 cu foot flat top will give you gobs of great pots
> over many years.  just my take.
> but, there are hundreds of potters that are really glad they
> have a gas kiln. and, some of them have great wood fired 
> kilns too.  big ones.
> mel

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