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Bourry's book is available from several online sources.
As Vince points out Bourry's firebox was not designed to promote fire
effects but to limit them.
In Bernard Leach's Potter's Book, the kiln design attributed to Mr. Baker
is a refinement of Bourry's original design. Leach also gives design
guidelines from T. Matsubaiyashi which many find more useful than those
from Baker. (Olsen's Kiln Book gives an expanded version of these Japanese
Michael Cardew in his book Pioneer Pottery gives a lot of details based on
his experience with the Bourry box and Baker's design which he used in both
Cornwall and Nigeria. He has some unique data on the the relationship
between firebox volume and total kiln volume. Roughly; for a kiln the size
of Baker's (170-200 cu ft.) the firebox volume is 1/10 the total volume and
for Cardew's small test kiln the firebox and kiln chamber are about equal.
From Cardew's data you could extrapolate a firebox to fit your daughter's
There are other designs published in which potter's have adapted Bourry's
design to their own kilns.
As with most things for kilns, after it's built, it's always easier to
reduce the size of a design than to increase it so err on the big side.

Seola Creek.
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