[Clayart] wood kilns, long story

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Thu Jan 5 12:41:00 EST 2017

this is a classic story about folks that
love wood and fire.  years back we had a huge
move to wood fired stoves in houses to save
money and back to the `olden days`.  you know
the back to the earth people.

the story goes like this in the cold weather states.

`i am adding a wood stove to my house to save money.`
(you have to realize this was said by at least four of my 
teacher friends...they did it. as below.)

the guy buys a pick up truck to move wood.
a new chain saw, and of course log splitter...and
then added a covered wood shed in his back yard.
and,not to mention including the gloves, face mask, chaps
and all new clothes.

that adds up to about 40,000 bucks.
but, then
he cuts is leg with the chain saw...lost work for
two months.
the wood splitter fell off the truck and damages his 
neighbors car.
a big log blows through his back window when he stops fast.
total cost 25,000 bucks.
then he burned the back half of his house down when the wood 
stove lit the wall on fire.
85,000 bucks.  insurance would not cover the loss...wood 
stoves are not to be used in urban homes.
wife files for divorce. (yes, it did happened to one guy on 
our staff. )

i had a wood fired stove in my cabin years back. i had the 
fire extinguisher hanging on the wall next to it. and a 4x8
foot black board slate on the wall.

my agent came for lunch one day.  she said.`mel, get rid of 
that stove...it will come back and bite you.`
so, i did.  it is rather important to listen to your 
insurance agent.

my neighbors had a wood stove in the living room and in the 
studio.  after bob went into a rest home the insurance agent
walked into that house and studio and all insurance on that 
property has been dropped.  zero.
(by the way, our insurance investigator in our county has a 
copy of 21st century kilns, he uses it as a guide book.
guess who he calls when he has a question about wood stoves 
or kilns???)

i have always tried to inform folks that want to build wood 
fired kilns.  it is complex and takes great planning.
(that is why david hendley wrote the information on wood 
kilns for our kiln book.  also one of the best videos i have
seen on wood firing. david is a star.)

so, those that build wood kilns have to understand what 
happens when you fire.  gobs of smoke.
are your neighbors in on the project.  what happens when 
really nasty person drives buy your house and sees that 
black smoke.?????  they do stop, and raise holy hell.

that is why our book goes into so much detail about `hiding` 
any kiln that you have on your property. it is not about 
cheating, it is about being prudent, and do not advertise 
that you have a kiln.  as bob anderson did...`oh, that clay 
box...yah, that is a food smoker and bar-b-que.`  `wow, how 
cool is that?`

as many of you know, i have a dandy wood fire kiln at our 
farm. it fires well, and it takes at least 10 folks to fire 
it.  it is complex and never some easy thing.  it does take 
a great deal of planning.

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