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Well I really should be reaming out a backed up sink drain to see if it’s
repairable but…

Responding to Lee’s questions about Bourry fireboxes I was reminded of
these other resources for wood fired kiln design.

Sidestoke is an Australian web site, a compendium of data for and about
wood firers around the world. It was set up by Arthur Rosser and has been
officially recognized as a resource by the National Library of Australia.


One of the links is to David Voorhees’ Pinterest Board which has over 1000
images of contemporary and historic wood fire kilns. There are also images
of Islamic or Nubian arches, not kilns but kiln related.


And just for fun’s sake there’s the Horizontal cross-draught kilns with a
vertical fire grate of clay or crock-columns as a dividing element between
the stoking pit and the firing chamber: northwest and northeast Germany.
From the academic article:

I find the vertical fire bars in these kilns to be an interesting design
feature for contemporary kilns. They are also a feature found in Japanese
and Chinese kilns. In the oriental kilns the columns are noted as promoting
even and efficient firing. These columns, if hollow, could also be a means
of introducing pre-heated secondary air into the kiln.


Seola Creek
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