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Fiber paper is paper infused with (something like) silica and possibly something else. When you fire, the paper burns off, leaving a thin sheet of silica (and ???).
I would think that a glazed ceramic piece would adhere to the silica (and ???). You'd have white powder embedded in your cooled glaze.
Just my guess.
Bonnie Hellman 

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Can you use fiber paper on a kiln shelf (as glass artist do) for glazing
sculptures where parts are hard to stilt yet need to be glazed?

Maria Root

On Wednesday, January 4, 2017, Vince Pitelka <vpitelka at dtccom.net> wrote:

> I agree with Rick Mahaffey but I'll take it a step farther and say that a
> glazed foot gives me the creeps.  I admit to being very opinionated about
> this.  It feels all wrong when you set down a vessel with a glazed foot,
> like the vessel is extra fragile.  The clay surface is beautiful, on the
> foot of a vessel, or on the seat of a lid. Why conceal the material
> itself?  We use glaze where we need to, and the lid seat and the vessel
> foot do not need to be glazed.  If you want them smoother, get some diamond
> sanding pads or get a bench grinder with an abrasive flap wheel.  Leave the
> foot and the lid seats unglazed and celebrate the clay.
> - Vince
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> Hello,
> Just a thought, if you want to glaze the foot then maybe you could learn
> to make glass.  ;)
> I like the clay being seen and able to be felt.  When I lived in Japan
> sometimes potters and collectors would get together to enjoy conversation
> and company.
> During these gatherings pots would be brought out placed upside down and
> people would try to guess where the clay came from.  It was part of
> enjoying the Tsuchi Aji or clay flavor.
> The suggestions for smoothing the bottoms of the pots posted earlier are
> all good suggestions.   Also I tend to burnish the foot with a stainless
> steel rib on my production ware.  I don't do that on tea bowls as the
> character of the clay is part of Chanoyu and something that can add to the
> experience and something one should be aware of.
> YFMV  (your foot may vary)
> Rick Mahaffey
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*Maria Root*
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