[Clayart] kilns as ovens

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Thu Jan 5 21:46:26 EST 2017

that is sure possible.  they are ovens.
but, be careful about putting things in and out
and touching coils.

i know some folks raku in them...but a bit

a kiln is a oven is a kiln is a oven.
it is really a toaster...but it gets hotter.

if you open and look at a toaster you will find simple
coils that get hot.  same for a clothes dryer.
( i have fixed coils at the farm in the old dryer.
i heated them, twisted the break together and they worked 
for three more years.)  i have also saved some coils from
a dead dryer and
installed them in another dryer.  worked fine. just had to 
drill a few holes to screw it into its bay.

what is an electric kiln?
a clay box with coils that get hot.

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