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That is a question I have pondered. I have occasionally cooked in a kiln 
but I don't do it regularly. It does work well although I find I need to 
set the temperature a little lower than I would in an oven. The kilns I 
use have envirovents and the one I usually use because it is small is 
most often used for bisque-firing, so I am not too worried about doing 
it once or twice a year. I figure the toxins that could be in the 
bricks, if they are volatile at 350 degrees, are likely to get vented 
out during the cooling cycle, or during a preheat for a bisque firing. 
But if there is research out there I'd be interested in hearing it.

> Mel wrote "....as bob anderson did...`oh, that clay
> box...yah, that is a food smoker and bar-b-que.`  `wow, how
> cool is that?`"
> So, my question is not about wood firing, Mel's comment above just brought up a situation I've been pondering since reading a post by a potter on Instagram a few days ago. It seems over the holidays she ran out of space in her oven and decided to cook her ham and some appetizers in her computerized electric kiln. She claimed it worked so well she also used it to bake other side dishes and pies and stated she would do this more frequently. 19 of 20 comments on her post about this were people congratulating her on her ingenuity and stating they would definitely be trying this in their own kilns too. But, the 20th commenter cautioned that toxins and chemicals get into the bricks from firing clay and glazes and these could be transferred to food cooked in an electric kiln. The potter/chef then made a joke about this possibility, dismissing its seriousness. What think you all? I have no desire to cook in my kiln, I'm just wondering if this potter is indeed poisoning herself and her guests.
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>> On Jan 5, 2017, at 1:10 PM, clayart-request at lists.clayartworld.com wrote:
>> as bob anderson did...`oh, that clay
>> box...yah, that is a food smoker and bar-b-que.`  `wow, how
>> cool is that?`

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