[Clayart] kilns as ovens

Robert Harris robertgharris at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 22:29:53 EST 2017

And a fuel kiln is just a box with holes in it to shove some gas (or wood
or oil) into it.
(Oh and don't forget the oxygen ... just as important as the fuel!).

On Thu, Jan 5, 2017 at 7:46 PM, mel jacobson <melpots2 at visi.com> wrote:

> that is sure possible.  they are ovens.
> but, be careful about putting things in and out
> and touching coils.
> i know some folks raku in them...but a bit
> dangerous.
> a kiln is a oven is a kiln is a oven.
> it is really a toaster...but it gets hotter.
> if you open and look at a toaster you will find simple
> coils that get hot.  same for a clothes dryer.
> ( i have fixed coils at the farm in the old dryer.
> i heated them, twisted the break together and they worked for three more
> years.)  i have also saved some coils from
> a dead dryer and
> installed them in another dryer.  worked fine. just had to drill a few
> holes to screw it into its bay.
> what is an electric kiln?
> a clay box with coils that get hot.
> mel

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