[Clayart] Is your website stamped on your work?

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Fri Jan 6 10:19:14 EST 2017

Good luck Owen.   I saw a helmet on sale at Amazon that you might look
into.    You'll get a nasty bruise on your forehead as you beat it against
this particular wall.


Oh wait,  my name is my email,  oh well.
On Jan 6, 2017 12:17 AM, "Owen Dearing" <owen at mugrevolution.com> wrote:

> Hi Vince, and everyone else who’d chimed in on this thread.
> Vince, you live in the world of academia so I don’t know if you are
> pulling my leg or not with your comments. Others are joining in with their
> two cents worth, and I think if I’m not mistaken many of you are all
> telling me that I am making a mistake, that my practice somehow cheapens
> the product that I have literally spent over two decades to perfect. If you
> or others on the list think that my practice of putting my website info on
> the bottom of my mugs put them in the same category of a mug made in China
> that sells in WalMart for 69 cents, fine, you are entitled to your opinion.
> I think you’re full of it but that’s my opinion. :)
> My business is 100% web based. I do not do anything else, no Saturday
> markets, no teaching on the side, no special holiday sales. I have helped
> gett my son through college because of the stamp that you so delicately put
> in the same category as a cheap mug. I have paid off my house because of
> the stamp that I put on the bottom of my mugs. I have helped put my wife
> through nursing school because of that stamp. Because of that stamp, I have
> been able to make and sell about 2500  very high end and expensive mugs for
> each of the past 10 years and I feel like I am just getting started as a
> potter. I have a lot more mugs that I will make before I hang up the apron
> for the last time. But I gotta sell them, don’t I?
> I do not have any pretensions about my work. It will never be displayed in
> the Royal Ontario Museum’s world class ceramic collection. That is fine
> with me - after all, I am a podunk, no name potter in podunk Oregon. I get
> all the satisfaction I could ever want by the wonderful messages, hundreds
> and hundreds of them, which are displayed on my website, from customers who
> tell me how much they love the mugs that I have made. Somehow they don’t
> think of their mug on the same level as a mug sold at BiMart or WalMart. So
> all of the folks on the list who in somewhat typical Clayart fashion who
> are jumping up and down, seeming to say “he’s not traditional, he’s just as
> bad as WalMart's crap pottery - I say, get over yourselves. You folks and I
> live in a different world.
> I never intended to convert any of you experienced potters. You have a
> marketing technique that has worked for you. Super! Some of you have been
> at this for 30, 40, even 50+ years. Why would you want to put your website
> on your pots? I sure would not if I was you. I was and still am sending out
> my message, stamp your website on the bottom of your pots, to the young
> potters, brave souls that they are, who are trying to get a foothold as a
> full time potter. You know, the ones who often never post here, but lurk.
> They don’t want to get their heads chopped off by being such a fool as to
> post here like I did. :)
> I don’t think I deserved the negative commentary. For Hendley to equate my
> mark with a hand towel dispenser in a public bathroom is not a joke. I
> don’t know him. But my gawd, my immediate image upon reading that from
> David was of a dirty bathroom at a gas station, toilet overflowing, and one
> of my mugs is in the room…I was insulted for sure. How could I not be? And
> to be honest, I have seen so many good potters driven off this list over
> the 15+ years that I have been mostly a reader and occasionally a poster,
> it kind of makes me sick. Don’t you dare try it with me! I have a thick
> skin, I have tangled with the big boys (they are not always right) and I
> know my way around the ropes. I also have a great sense of humor and I love
> to laugh, ask anyone who knows me if I have a sense of humor. I am a
> passionate man. When important issues come up, when my core values
> challenged, and I have to stand for my principals, I do. Which is why I am
> writing these words. I care very deeply for Clayart. I never would have met
> Ron, Mel, Hank or many others but for this list and for that I will be
> eternally grateful. How about some of you lighten up in the piling on
> category in hopes that we can give every Clayarter confidence that if they
> post something they will not be driven off?
> If this gets through moderation I invite a conversation. A friendly,
> respectful conversation. Not with me. But with each other, about why it is
> that Clayart has been known to have a reputation for the negative. I do not
> think that is what Clayart is supposed to be. It is the new year. Let’s
> resolve to make this space a great space for anyone and everyone who wants
> to share information, or wants to receive information. Or inspiration. Or
> even, gasp, marketing tips. :)
> Thanks for listening and Mel I laughed out loud at your joke!
> Owen Dearing, potter
> Bend, Oregon
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