[Clayart] Is your website stamped on your work?

Dannon Rhudy dannon at ccrtc.com
Fri Jan 6 11:27:58 EST 2017

No reason not to have your information on your work. There is
just no down-side to having customers & potential customers
be able to reach you.  Too commercial? Ridiculous. "Commercial"
is how potters make their living. Even if they teach, many make
work for sale on the side.  Why would you not want your customers
to be able to find you? 

Website, email, phone number.  If anything changes, send out a 
notification to your customer list, get a new stamp.

If you have a better/different method, power to you. There's always,
always more than one way to do things.  Hardly a fight-worthy subject.
Discussion? Excellent.  Insults....well, hardly necessary.  Keeping in
mind that unless offense is deliberately meant, none should be taken.

Happy New Year, y'all.

Dannon Rhudy

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Hi Vince, and everyone else who’d chimed in on this thread.

Vince, you live in the world of academia so I don’t know if you are pulling my leg or not with your comments. Others are joining in with their two cents worth, and I think if I’m not mistaken many of you are all telling me that I am making a mistake, that my practice somehow cheapens the product that I have literally spent over two decades to perfect. If you or others on the list think that my practice of putting my website info on the bottom of my mugs put them in the same category of a mug made in China that sells in WalMart for 69 cents, fine, you are entitled to your opinion. I think you’re full of it but that’s my opinion. :)

My business is 100% web based. I do not do anything else, no Saturday markets, no teaching on the side, no special holiday sales. I have helped gett my son through college because of the stamp that you so delicately put in the same category as a cheap mug. I have paid off my house because of the stamp that I put on the bottom of my mugs. I have helped put my wife through nursing school because of that stamp. Because of that stamp, I have been able to make and sell about 2500  very high end and expensive mugs for each of the past 10 years and I feel like I am just getting started as a potter. I have a lot more mugs that I will make before I hang up the apron for the last time. But I gotta sell them, don’t I?

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