[Clayart] is your website stamped on your work?

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Every statement I have ever heard cautions against giving anyone your  
SS number. I dentiy theft is rampant, & SS numbers are a gift to them.  
Mike Gordon
On Jan 5, 2017, at 3:36 PM, Bill Burgert wrote:

> I sign all of my work and add my web site address, phone number, home  
> address and social security number just in case the IRS wants to pay  
> me a visit.
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> So now we are equating public restroom towel dispensers with handmade  
> pottery. Can't help but to feel just a little insulted by that  
> analogy, David. :)
>> Owen, I am in no way disparaging your decision to stamp your website
>> on your pottery, but it's not for me.
>> For some reason, it reminds me of being in a public restroom and the
>> paper towel dispenser says "For reorders go to  
>> www.supertowel.com"<http://www.supertowel.com">.
> The thing is, with your comment you are thinking about you the potter  
> and what fits in to your sensibilities, I think. I am coming from a  
> though process about making it easier for my customer to find me when  
> they want more pottery.
>> On handmade pottery, it is just too eager and commercial sounding,
>> like the pots are coming off a conveyor belt and going right into
>> shipping boxes.
> Again, this is what David Hendley the potter thinks. I believe you  
> have one of my mugs from nceca last year, David. Are you saying every  
> time  you look at the stamped bottom you think of a big factory that  
> is mass producing them? I doubt it. This is not necessarily what the  
> buying public is thinking either. Nothing wrong with your  
> sensibilities David, you have found a way to ID your wares in a way  
> that meets your artistic and critical ideals. I have found one that  
> works for me. I think that when folks order custom mugs from me and  
> have to wait 2-3 months because I have so many orders in front of  
> theirs, they get the idea that there is no conveyor belt set up in my  
> little studio.
>> I am a firm believer in adequately marking and identifying pottery.  
>> For
>> me, this means I legibly sign the bottom of a pot with a sharpened  
>> stick
>> and stamp the name and location of my shop into the clay.
> It sounds like we both do the same thing in different ways. Truth be  
> told, if you ever saw my handwriting you would beg me to use a stamp  
> on the bottom of my pots for sake of legibility. :)
>> Anyone who wants to find me need only type my name or the name of
>> the shop into Google, Yahoo, or Bing, and my website will display at  
>> the
>> top of the results.
>> David Hendley
>> david at farmpots.com
> http://www.farmpots.com <http://www.farmpots.com/>
> Also as a bonus, stamping my website address on my work enables a  
> customer to go directly to my site without having to spend any time or  
> effort to find it by using a search engine.
> At any rate, my original post was not aimed at the established  
> potters. You guys already have figured out what works for you. Rather,  
> it was meant to encourage all the brave folks who are deciding/trying  
> to make a go of it as a potter to make it easy for their customers to  
> find them. As you get going in your business, think about what makes  
> sense to your customers and how to make it easy for them to purchase  
> your wares.
> Cheers, Owen
> Owen Dearing, potter
> Bend, Oregon
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