[Clayart] Is your website stamped on your work?

L TURNER magnolia.mud.list at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 14:17:35 EST 2017

I see Owen as very much in touch with the up and an growing customer base
and Vince and David as very much in touch with the  growing customer base
from 30 years ago which did not include websites, much less online
commerce.  Both  approaches are functional for their time frame and for
their target market.

From my own experience with "on-line" buying, I do not like to use an
search engine to find a specific vendor when I already have a product from
that vendor.  Two or three extra clicks at my desk, or taps on a mobile
device is more than a minor inconvenience , and the extra strokes are
certainly a distraction to the 20+ crowd that are becoming a major market

On the other hand, I see design problems with website addresses.  Owen has
solved that problem for his product.  His solution may not fit other
products.  That is why designers are taught to 'design' rather than copy.

Selling a product and keeping customers is an important part of running a
business.  Those processes must be designed to meet the needs of the
business and the needs of the customers.  Again 'design' is important.

My advice is to a potters trying to get started is to design their
business, their pots, and their methods of contact with their customer base
together rather separately.

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