[Clayart] my take, logo's

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Sat Jan 7 11:45:55 EST 2017

i have spent many years making my mj logo a
very recognizable image.
i use it on facebook with a gold background.
i have the logo on both sides of my sale card.
jet black. i hang a very huge banner with just my logo on it 
on sale weekends.  (i cannot have signs in a family 
neighborhood. this takes care of that issue.)

like i always say:  it all depends.
my sales have always been local. that fifty mile circle that
contains a couple of million people is my base. i work it.

if you are working the net, all the rules change.

david hendley sends out a small newspaper with all sorts of 
interesting items.  he sells his pottery.
the logo is not much, but, `old farmhouse pottery` is a real 
thing. it is a place.

we all have to find our way...but, number one of all the 
items is making great pots that people want to buy. they 
should fill a bag with pots.  you know, $160.

if your pots do not sell, look to yourself.  as i say many 
times without brag...my pots sell like hot cakes. if the 
pots sit on a shelf too long...  garbage...and, i don't make 
more of them just to please me.

and, without question, i look for new, very colorful fired 
hot pots. they sell.
and, i don't spend hours in decoration.  for every ten extra 
minutes you spend in decorating a pot you either raise the 
price or give them away.  time vs work vs cost of production.
it is very critical.  but, then....some don't want to make a 
profit.  so be it.  i am not one of them.

but, everyone that makes art, craft, stuff...you either sell 
it, or stack it away.  you make that choice.

and, i have that other opinion.  if you have a full time job 
   in education, and you don't need that extra buck, but you 
need resume help...then you make work that does not sell, or 
you scoff at commercial-ism, then your work is priced 
realllly high and you get that raise at your work place. it 
is a trade off.  (and we know of educators here on clayart 
that actually make sculpture, abstract work that they sell 
by commission or gallery.  good for them.

if you want to make a buck or two, nothing wrong with 
that..it is noble.  just admit it, and get on with it.
if you want to be a poet, be that...you have a choice.
don't mix the metaphor.

and, for sure i say...if you want to make political 
statements on your work...you just lost half your customer 
base. i cannot afford that, and i will not insult good 
customers.  i love them all.

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