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Sat Jan 7 12:25:11 EST 2017

   marketing is one of the hardest things for a potter to learn.  In my 40
years of making and selling pots, I have learned what works for me. It is a
synthesis of what i want to make and what my customers want to buy. simple
as that.  As Mel says, I make quality work with an eye to what my customers
want. I too sell within 100 miles of my studio, and have some web sales.
 I have people contact me all the time telling me they can put me on top of
the search engine list, for a fee.  I  tell them i don't want to be on the
top of the list, or on Amazon or anywhere else.  The thing is, I can't make
any more pots than I do in a year already. I am a studio potter who works
alone, and that's the way I want it.  I don't want to grow and i dont want
employees.  I have a friend in southern california who has 18 employees,
and I complemented him on his business acumen, and he said, no, I am
envious of you!,  for you are living the dream and I spend all my time
finding work for my employees!  He is not throwing or making pots of any
kind! Not a happy camper.  Not what i want.
I added a big show this year during the xmas season, and I almost killed
myself trying to make enough pots for all the shows i was doing. I love
shows by the way, it's how I meet with my customers and find out what they
like and don't like.  And I love talking with folks who come to see art.
  So, do what you need to do to make your business be what you want it to
be. That's the art of making pots, selling them,and making a living at it.
  Owen, how about a informal workshop in the Clayart room at NCECA one
afternoon about your experiences and knowledge about how to move yourself
up the list for the search engines.  that knowledge could be very helpful
to those of us who would like their websites to be more productive for
them.  I am sure such a presentation would be standing room only. (and more
interesting then some of the official ones I can help organize it if you
like.  thanks.

Gregg Lindsley
Earth and Fire Pottery
10325 Brookside Drive
Middletown, Ca. 95461
At home among the lost and found
"When does a difference engine become the search for truth?"
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