[Clayart] kiln wash for Advancers

Jeff Lawrence jefflawr at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 19:46:43 EST 2017

Maria and Bob wrote:

missed that post on the kiln wash
repost: from Owen

> About once a year I take my advancers in to a local shop and get them
> sandblasted. I talked with a sales rep at their nceca booth a few years ago
> and he told me sandblasting is totally fine. I’ve never had an issue. To
> avoid plucking with the porcelain I am now using, I use a kiln wash that is
> 20 ball clay 20 epk and 60 alumina, brushing it on works but can also be
> sprayed on. Ron Roy gave me this recipe a few years back. It sticks on the
> advancers nicely once fired and comes right off when sandblasted. So
> don’t be afraid to give sandblasting a try!
> Jeff
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