[Clayart] Is your website stamped on your work?

Arnold Howard ahoward at paragonweb.com
Mon Jan 9 09:58:58 EST 2017

Owen, don't take the criticism on Clayart seriously. I'm sure everyone 
who commented about the web address meant well. Your generous advice is 
always welcome.

I agree that a web address or at least a full name or studio name should 
be stamped onto the bottom of your ware. Why not?

Here is an article I wrote in 2009 after returning from the NCECA 
conference in Phoenix:


Two weeks ago I attended the National Council for Education on the 
Ceramic Arts Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. One of the first things I 
noticed in my Hyatt Regency room was a beautiful stoneware soap dish. I 
turned it over to see who made it and found the name Lisa.

This marketing idea is from Lisa and is for potters who can fill large 
orders. Go to local hotels and offer to make enough soap dishes for 
every room. You can customize the design to reflect local interests such 
as famous landmarks or a local heritage.

There is a tendency among potters to sign only the first name on ware, 
as Lisa did with her soap dish. Instead, place your website address and 
full name on the bottom of each piece so hotel guests can order more 
ware directly from you. This will help you build a list of repeat 


Arnold Howard
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