[Clayart] marketing

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Mon Jan 9 10:18:18 EST 2017

following arnold's advice:
potters should check out your local undertaker/funeral home 
and see if they will carry your urns.  i know this could be 
a huge business opportunity.

as most of you know, urns etc from those places are running 
in the hundreds of dollars, and i suppose they like the 
cheap chinese made urns best.  buy for ten bucks, sell them 
for three hundred.
but, worth a try.
many smaller town funeral homes would love to have
`home made` urns.  (it would help to let customers know that 
your urn will last 50,000 years. (i fill urns when they buy 
from me, extra service as needed.  does not bother me.
just ash.)  those cheap wooden urns, or fake copper will 
fall apart in ten years.  those metal urns will rust out in 
about five years if buried.  by the way, i epoxy the lids 
on.  sure don't want that spilling on the living room rug.

it sure has been easy for me to promote my work on the net 
with `melpots.com` address.  and, it is easy to remember.

please note:  if you are going to approach a funeral home 
for interview, dress up, have samples, your card and a brief 
history of buried ceramics.  it is the oldest hand made item 
in the world.  it will last `forever...`  sell that with

oh, and remember some very fine restaurants are needing very 
unusual ceramics for very modern food service.  worth a try.

colleen has sold over 100 jars for rollups, you know, fork 
and knife. many are liking that pot full of forks...makes it 
easy for the server. casual dining places love them.

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