[Clayart] Grinding wheels

M Gordon clayart at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 9 17:07:15 EST 2017

Rick wrote..

  Also, no loose clothing or unsecured long hair, necklaces etc.
And the memories keep on coming........ If this keeps up, I'm going to 
have to write a book! HA!

A night class at the College of Arts & Crafts......

  I was polishing a piece of jewelry in Jewelry class & a girl with with 
long loose hanging hair started the grinder next to me, AFTER a lengthy 
lecture by the teacher about NOT doing it! BANG her hair got wrapped up 
& in a split second and her forehead started banging against the 
grinding wheel. I reached over & turned it off and she yelled "my 
hair", the teacher came over with a pair of scissors to cut her loose 
but she cried "Don't cut my hair, please!!! " So he started trying to 
unwind the wheel while she backed her hair out of the grinder spindle. 
Hair saved , big scab, though!! Mike Gordon

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