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Dannon Rhudy dannon at ccrtc.com
Tue Jan 10 10:12:52 EST 2017

Can't say it enough. And long hair has extra problems.
While I was still a student, was working outside on the
kiln patio, loading a kiln and keeping an eye on one already
firing.  There was a long table set up in front of the kilns
to unload on, and student work was stacked all over it.  One
of the young women taking the class came out to look for her
work. Instead of walking along the outer edge of the table
she chose to walk between table and kilns.  Not good.  Her
very long hair was loose, wind was blowing it around. I
looked up to see her standing between the table and the
kiln firing directly behind her. Kiln was in reduction, a
longish flame directly behind her head.  I ran like all 
the demons were behind me, knocked her out of the flame
path. She was indignant, demanded to know what I thought
I was doing.  I said "your hair was catching fire".  She
looked unconvinced, I had her run her hand down the back
of her head.  She could feel the singed part.  However, her
main concern was that her hair was ruined.  Sighhhhhh....
two seconds more and she'd have been a candle.  


Dannon Rhudy

Student teaching in woodshop, I saw a 7th grade boy with short, groomed hair intently cutting wood in the bench vise with a saber saw, put his head right down to the air slots on the saw and lost a dime sized piece of scalp.  Doesn't matter how long the hair is, keep it out of the work zone!

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