[Clayart] glue on urns

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Tue Jan 10 10:15:07 EST 2017

i always ask the customer what they plan on doing with the 
urn. `how do you want to keep it, or will you scatter ash, 
or bury the urn????`

if they are going to keep the urn in their home, i use a few 
drops of epoxy to hold the cover on.  just avoid spilling.

if it is going in the ground, i run a bead around the entire
gallery. tight.

if they want to scatter, i fill a small plastic bag for the 
ceremony.  some want it all scattered...then i suggest a 
`shoe box` and don't mess with the urn.

how often do i say...`it all depends`.

as with all artists that sell stuff, you are guided by your 
client.  i think we are all sort of like an architect...you 
get information and serve the client.  after all, they live 
in the house...and with art, they live with the art...if 
they hate red...i leave it out of the painting.  just makes 
sense..they pay the bill.

i tend to keep away from religious symbols on my urns.
keep them simple.  but, if the order comes for a cross, i 
put one on the urn. simple, easy to do. as a trained 
professional i can work with any color the client wishes to own.

i keep on stressing the importance of `client relations`. 
many that come from the world of college often think that 
their roll is `my artistic integrity and my voice is all 
that is important.`  well, good luck with selling your voice.

this topic has been emphasized with the help of colleen.
her stories are legion.  what 22 year old art students 
believe, and think what will happen.

but, would they be surprised to see how many mugs she sells 
with the outline logo of the state of minnesota. hundreds at 
$25. she is not worried about her `voice`...she worries 
about how to get to the studio and make stuff to sell so she 
can pay cash for dunwoody vocational school.
she sees herself as a fine, hard working, creative crafts 
women, that is professionally trained.... i agree.
or,like the great line from the movie `babe`...`good enough 

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