[Clayart] buffer danger

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Tue Jan 10 11:46:03 EST 2017

when teaching i found the buffer and stainless ribs
to be the most dangerous things in the studio.

i did not allow steel ribs.
threw them out.
it is the snap, cut in the palm that was the killer.
happened to me twice with a kid, and an adult.

i put a sign on the buffer.
do not use without hair protection.
and, i trained everyone with horror stories.

i always had a few shower caps by the butter and a box of 
girl hair tie backs...and then a box of twist ties.
made a big deal out of it.
lots of loud talk.

i saw a buffer accident at the U of M years back.
lovely dark haired girl, long locks.
wound her up, pulled a piece of scalp out the size of a
cantelope. almost took off her nose too.  scared the pee out 
of me.  i was one of the few kids in the studios.  called 
the cops etc.

never saw her again, and not a word was whispered.
taught me a big lesson.
like the english teacher said. `you guys in art and shop 
don't have papers to read every night...makes your job easy.`

i told her to come down to the auto shop and crawl under the 
car with the boy that is going to weld a hole in his gas 
tank!`  they don't have a clue.  dips.
that comment alone helped me leave teaching at 55.
it was never the kids...stupid adults without a clue to the 
real world.
it may be my favorite thing about potters...men and women.
we know how do do stuff.  have the sense of what happens if.
it is visual and intellectual.  hand eye work every day.
( i have told this story often...`what is more fun than 
wearing boots, get a hard hat, big tape and clip board.
walk around any building site in america. and, if you have 
silver hair like mine....`who's the old fart inspector, 
?don't talk to him`.  love it.  yellow hat is good, but if 
you want to make them nervous, wear white.   i got my son's 
yellow helmet when he died. i love that hard hat.  and it says.
`security` in big letters.  (he was a wonderful craftsman, 
installed high end alarm systems.)

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